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380 Farmwood Road

Waterbury, CT 06704


Our Roots In Pontelandolfo, Italy

Pontelandolfo means "bridge of Landolfo" and refers to a bridge over the L'Alenta River that was defended by the warrior Landolfo from invading Romans. This heroism is remembered and symbolized in the crest of the village and the logo of the Pontelandolfo Community Club that depicts a warrior with a spear standing on a bridge.

Immigrating To America

Immigrants from Pontelandolfo found their home in America in the Waterbury area throughout the 20th century and maintained their strong native bond by establishing the Pontelandolfo Society in 1930 and the Pontelandolfo Social Club in 1939. In 1965, these two groups merged to form the Pontelandolfo Community Club. The Ponte Women's Club was established here in 1985.

Growing To Serve The Community

Our facility is situated on 40+ private acres of beautiful manicured grounds that include multiple pavilions that can hold 1000+ people, the Chapel of San Donato, soccer field, indoor heated bocce courts and a banquet hall that can hold 700 people. Our growth and prosperity has allowed us to serve and assist various community organizations through fund raising activities each year.

Pontelandolfo, Italy History and Facts

Fact 1

The region of Pontelandolfo is Campania, the Province is Benevento and the Zone is Southern Italy.


Fact 2

Current population statistics of Pontelandolfo are 887 families and 2181 people. (JAN 2017)

Fact 3

The zip code of Pontelandolfo is 82027 and phone prefix is ( +39) 0824.

Fact 4

The mayor of Pontelandolfo is Gianfranco Rinaldi (Since MAY 2013)

Fact 5

The patron saint of Pontelandolfo is San Donato which is celebrated in August.

Fact 6

The Pontelandolfo Community Club sits on approximately 40+ acres

Fact 7

Origins and Ancient History of Pontelandolfo:

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Fact 8

The story of the massacre that took place at Pontelandolfo and Casalduni:

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Fact 9

In April 23, 1987, the tragedy of L’Ambiance Plaza in Bridgeport, CT killed 10 immigrants from Pontelandolfo, Italy

Fact 10

The Latitude is 41 deg 35 min 13.92 sec and the Longitude is -73 deg 0 min 55.36 sec of the Pontelandolfo Community Club

Fact 11

The Latitude is 41 deg 15 min 16.73 sec and the Longitude is 14 deg 14 min 26.64 sec of Pontelandolfo, Italy

Fact 12

Presidents past and present


President # 1              Umberto Santopietro

President # 2              Edmondo Santopietro

President # 3              Giovanni Sforza

President # 4              Vittorio Polletta

President # 5              Michelangelo Ciarlo

President # 6              Franco Albini

President # 7              Antonio Rubbo

Fact 13

Antonio Rubbo is the longest serving president of the Pontelandolfo Community Club at 30+ years

Fact 14

Many Pontelandolfo immigrants settled in the borough of St. Leonard in Montreal, Canada

Fact 15

The Pontelandolfo Community Club has a sister association club in Montreal, Canada

Fact 16

The neighborhoods in Pontelandolfo, Italy can be viewed from Google Earth as they exist today:

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Fact 17

The size of the town of Pontelandolfo and the surrounding country is approximately 28.91 sq. kilometers

Fact 18

Pontelandolfo’s highest altitude is 1,017 meters (Mt. Calvello) and the lowest altitude is 400 meters

Fact 19

Pontelandolfo time is six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time

Fact 20

You can view a map of Pontelandolfo with street names:

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Fact 21

You can view the weather forecast of Pontelandolfo:

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Fact 22

You can walk the streets of Pontelandolfo using Google Maps Street View: